BISSET, Jennifer

I was not aware that I was painting gloomy landscapes in Lockdown but it transpires that I was.
Nightfall evolved from reusing an old canvas which gave me the freedom to experiment which I worked alongside a blank.
Apricot Sky was an experiment in technique with which I wanted to scratch back the top layer of paint to reveal the brighter colour beneath.
Blazing Dawn was painted at the same time as Apricot Sky using the same technique  but with the incorporation of a bold Viridian to bring light and life to the canvas.
Looking back on this trio, I see the evolution of my mood from dark despair to hope and a bright future. I found it very hard to focus on my painting at times, overcome by the enormity of the world situation. In spurts, I would work on older work that I had started pre Lockdown. No pressure of painting for a particular exhibition or competition was a relief at first but eventually became counterproductive. At first, I chose to use the freedom to experiment then procrastinate then to stagnate.
The demise of the Makery was traumatic and depressing and removed a great impetus to work. Unwilling to stop, I cleaned my studio and started again. The local art scene has been most supportive- the Hailsham Art Trail and Gallery North-and gradually, I think I am moving forward.


Oil on block canvas


Apricot Sky

Oil on block canvas 30cm x 30cm


Golden Dawn

30cm x 30cm