DOOK, Sarah

At the beginning of lockdown and the arrival of COVID 19 my world, like many others, became a much smaller and darker place. Yet gradually with time and the extraordinary warm weather we experienced this summer, I found myself calmed by my natural surroundings. The pleasure given to me by my garden and the short walks around the nearby pond became a  saving grace. As each day passed, I was unable to experience new surroundings, yet I began to realise the surroundings themselves changed each day before my eyes. As days turned to weeks and weeks to months, spring moved to summer. I wanted to capture this shifting scene within my work, to reflect the solace it brought me whilst in isolation.

Summer Garden

Oil 100cm x 81cm


Flooded Fields

Acrylic 100cm x 82cm



Oil & Acrylic 87cm x 67cm


View of the pond

Oil 61cm x 77cm