At the risk of sounding perverse, it could be said that ‘Lockdown’ was something of a godsend. With other commitments in ‘sleep’ mode, there was more time to paint: six acrylics and a watercolour of Venice (which I’d visited for the first time last December) and an acrylic of ‘L’artiste’, a Montmartre restaurant in the Rue Gabrielle that’s a stone’s throw from Picasso’s studio at No. 49. More small acrylics of Montmartre at night are at the planning stage, and I’ve also made better progress with my book on the artist Harold Swanwick, RI, ROI, RCA, who for many years (1908-1929) lived in Wilmington and had close artistic ties with this part of Sussex. 

So Lockdown helped provide the inner and outer space to create new work. But now, sufficiently UNLOCKED, it’s great to be back at Gallery North. This ‘virtual’ stage may be a cautious start, but it is far from tentative.

Andrew G. Forrest, September 2020    More examples of my work can be seen at       01323 721700 

‘L’Artiste’, Rue Gabrielle, Montmartre

Acrylic 24cm x 29cm

150.00 £

Venice: Grand Canal with Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico

Acrylic 49cm x 64cm

300.00 £


Place Pigalle meets Bvd. de Clichy

Acrylic, framed size 26.8 cm x 32 cm

135.00 £

Towards Santa Maria della Salute, Evening Light

Acrylic 33cm x 39cm

125.00 £