Special Guest Artists 

The following works are commissioned paintings by Gallery North resident artists, they are all for sale and on show at the gallery, they represent a small part of the whole exhibition.

Rue des Saules (‘Street of the Willows’), Montmartre by Andrew Forrest



PATIO by Brian Dunford

16″×16″ Acrylic on canvas


Ancient Oak by Rachel Widdows

Oil on canvas 90cm x90cm I am working on a series of paintings of ancient Oak trees. These incredible historical trees can be found in the surrounding hedges and fields. They are all such magnificent trees, with lives that span hundreds of years. It is easy to take these trees for granted, they have always been there, witnessing the comings and goings of local human lives. They can seem immune to time. This painting is of an old oak that is starting to show its age, it has numerous dead branches and is clearly gradually dieing from old age and the ravages of storms. Sadly recent storm damage saw the tree lose a huge bough. It is likely that the tree will fall prey to another storm in the next few years, or be felled as another oak was nearby. I counted the rings, it was over 400 years old.


Circus by Graham Binks

Oil on Canvas 80×80 cm


Dancing in the Sun by Jennifer Bisset

Acrylic on block canvas 50cm x 50cm


Goddess Kali, Power and Colour by Jeremy Bear

Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm


Kaleidoscope by Lynn Inglis

Acrylic. 2ft x 2ft


Lilies by Brenda Lowe

Watercolour approx. 18” x 16”


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