Hailsham Community College Sixth Former wins Photography Competition

ImageThe Art Department at Hailsham Community College has a close relationship with Gallery North and have had their GCSE and A Level exhibitions here in recent years. The opportunity arose to work in conjunction with the college on a photography competition as part of the Hailsham Arts Festival in 2013. The competition was open to both professional photographers (many of whom had exhibited at the Gallery North themselves) and to students at Hailsham Community College.  The categories of the competition were:

  • Abstract
  • Travel
  • Documentary
  • Portrait

The college had submissions from students from all key stages and received a variety of exciting work with which the gallery were very impressed. Selected work was exhibited to the public before the winners were chosen in September. The Judge, Mr Tony Penrose, made his decisions on the work without knowing who were students and who were professionals and so he judged it purely on merit.

Dominic White, who had previously successfully completed a GCSE in Photography at HCC, was selected as the winner of the ‘abstract’ category with his striking photograph of a bird in flight.